Behind the download: Chiara Marzi

Who is Chiara Marzi?

I graduated in 2006 from Politecnico di Milano. I immediately started working for several architecture studios, where I learned how to use 3D software platforms. From 2012 I started working as a freelance, mainly working on interior renovations. Back in 2018, I founded Gate Architects with four of my colleagues and we primarily deal with projects abroad.

Behind the download: Chiara Marzi

Why did you join

I discovered thanks to one of my colleagues. I use 3D BIM software when I work on my projects and for this reason, I really need a tool that lets me find all the 3D models and materials of every brand.

How do you use the site?

I use to look for 3D models when I start designing a new project and also when I have to manage the project execution phase.

The platform is very useful for me because I can find a lot of material, which makes my projects complete and detailed. Having at your disposal a huge library allows me to save a lot of time and also to manage all the projects in a precise way. offers lots of solutions and ideas and also allows me to find new brands and products. I also have the opportunity to implement the design phase in a creative and responsible way.

Using a digital tool is also extremely useful to support environmental sustainability. Compared to the past, digital tools are now used in every working environment, from private to public. More and more people are going digital and it’s becoming easier to communicate and present our design projects to our customers worldwide.

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